Frequently Asked Questions



Who’s Lily? Owner Christine McCrae-Kelly named her business for the lily-of-the-valley flowers that grew in her grandmother’s garden. Another Lily joined the family in 2007 with the birth of her daughter. Learn more in Lily’s Story.

How can I use this site? Lily’s put together this website to provide customers with an idea book for custom-decorated cookies and cupcakes and to offer a menu of our homestyle Cookie Bar treats. While  seasonal decorated cookies and birthday-cake cookies always are available in our bakery case, our designs evolve constantly, as will this website! Please browse, stimulate your imagination, and call or place an online order inquiry. Our cookie artists will collaborate with you to make custom cookies that perfectly suit your needs and enhance the theme of any event!

What’s the Cookie Bar? Lily’s Cookie Bar offers a wide selection of homestyle cookies baked fresh daily (the current listing is always in the bottom right of our website). Come to our bakery to enjoy them singly or by the dozen: you’re encouraged to make your own perfect mix. All cookie bar orders are subject to availability if not given advance notice of at least one business day.

Lily’s Cookie Bar

What kind of decorated cookies are in stock in the bakery? We change the theme of our decorated cookies weekly (except over the long Christmas holiday season). Lily’s tries to keep plenty of cookies of each variety in stock, but because our products are made fresh daily, supply may not always meet demand. If you know you will need a large number of decorated cookies, please consider placing a special order with one week’s lead time. We will do our very best to ensure you get just what you want on time!

Do you make anything beside cookies? Delicious cupcakes, topped with small decorated cookies, may be special-ordered with a one-week advance. You also will find rich brownies, lemon bars and Hello Dollies at our Cookie Bar. We come up with new goodies all the time, so stay in touch with our email newsletter.

Do you have cookies at the bakery for last-minute gifts? We always have cookies shaped like birthday cakes, wrapped in bags with bows, for walk-in customers, and we keep seasonal decorated gift cookies in the case. We also can wrap your selection of homestyle Cookie Bar cookies in a clear bag with a festive bow.

Last-minute gift cookies at Lily’s bakery


What sizes do the decorated cookies come in? Our small cookies are generally three to four inches in diameter; large cookies are four to five inches. We have some six- to twelve-inch cookies, as well as mini-cookies at two inches. Our cupcakes are topped with one-inch decorated cookies. All are custom designed to enhance the theme of any event.

What are your prices? Decorated cookies vary in price according to their size and the extent of the design, but generally range from $2.25 – $4 apiece when presented in a box. Writing on the cookie begins at 25 cents per cookie (please keep in mind that the cookie’s shape and size will limit how much can be written; we may charge more for hand-piping multiple words on the cookie). Add $1 per cookie to have each individually presented in a cellophane bag with a bow. Cookie Bar cookies are 65 cents apiece or $7 per dozen.

Why aren’t prices listed for each cookie on the site? We cannot offer a complete price list for decorated cookies since each design has so many variables. The cookies pictured on the site are ideas for inspiration; customers may introduce ideas and alterations that will affect pricing. When discussing orders with clients, we will offer design and price options so as to best work within your budget.

How long will the cookies stay fresh? How do I best protect their looks and flavor? Lily’s bakes everything from scratch with the best and freshest ingredients, and we never use artificial preservatives. Decorated cookies should be eaten within two weeks, and stay at their best when stored in an airtight container at room temperature. Refrigeration is not recommended, since condensation wreaks havoc with detailed icing. Humidity may cause the icing to darken in spots; please keep decorated cookies as cool and dry as possible. If you must store decorated cookies for longer, they may be wrapped carefully and airtight in plastic wrap, then frozen;  before eating, let them come to room temperature before unwrapping.

Cookie Bar cookies should be kept in an airtight container at room temperature and eaten within three days for peak freshness. They too, may be wrapped and frozen if necessary.

What does your packaging look like? Check out samples of our bags and bows, as well as some of our distinctive boxes and wrappings.



May I order decorated cookies on this site via email? The cookies on this website are for use as an idea portfolio, meant to stimulate your imagination for your very own custom cookies. Once you’ve gathered inspiration, please fill out our order inquiry form. A cookie artist will call you to discuss your particular needs, give you a price, take payment information and confirm your order. We try to respond to email within one business day. Please note: the email order inquiry form will expedite your order, but your order is not complete until you have received a call for confirmation and we have taken your payment information. You also may order in person at the bakery or by calling us directly at 210.832.0886. However you order, before we bake, we require payment in full or a credit card number as a security deposit; if you wish to cancel or change your order you must speak to us by phone or in person at least three business days before the scheduled date of completion.

How far in advance should I order custom decorated cookies? Because the preparation of decorated cookies is time- and labor-intensive, our decorators need one week lead time (preferably more) to design custom orders, especially in busy seasons. If you’re pressed for time, call us anyway, and we’ll do our very best to accommodate you. There may be a small fee for rush orders.

How far in advance should I order homestyle Cookie Bar cookies? Relatively small orders of one or two dozen may be ordered with as little as 30 minutes notice, if we have the dough in stock. For larger orders or cookies from the full menu not on our “Baked Fresh Today” schedule, please allow one to two days’ lead time. Remember, Cookie Bar cookies may be combined with the minimum order of custom decorated cookies.

What’s the minimum cookie order? Our minimum is two dozen for custom decorated cookies; one dozen for Cookie Bar cookies. If you want decorated cookies in several different designs, the minimum for each design is one dozen.

What if I need to change or cancel an order? Please call us as soon as possible! We may be able to change quantities or specifications of an order if notified within three full working days of the original due date. You will be charged in full for any order cancelled within than three full working days of their due date.

Can Lily’s accommodate large orders? What’s considered large? We are happy to fulfill large orders. Our largest order to date was 2,750 decorated cookies in bags with bows.

What if I don’t see what I had in mind on your site? Call or email us! Lily’s creative decorators love collaborating with clients on new custom designs. If we don’t have a particular cookie cutter, we’ll make one to suit!

Are the decorated cookies uniform? We take great pride in hand-decorating each cookie, so there may be small variations in color or detail from the cookies on this site or within an order. While no two cookies are exactly alike, they are all made by hand by talented cookie artists. For large orders, there may be slight variations in hand-tinted icing colors.

Can you put a picture or logo on a cookie? We frequently make logo cookies for corporations; the price will depend upon the level of detail in the design and the size of the cookie. We work to match colors as closely as possible, but the edible ink may render colors in some logos with slight variation. If you’d like to have your portrait and eat it, too, we can accommodate you with a special process, scanning photos or illustrations, printing them with edible ink, and incorporating them into a decorated cookie. The fidelity is excellent; just send us a high-resolution jpeg image (at least 300 dpi) from which to work.

Our decorators also can hand pipe a caricature or logo design if you prefer a more crafted look; again, the price depends on size and complexity. The photo below compares hand-piped and scanned edible image techniques; please see the logos & symbols section for more examples and ideas.

Hand-piped vs. edible image logos

Do you ship cookies? Decorated cookies that will be shipped must be packaged in bags and bows for protection and freshness preservation. We then wrap the bagged cookies in kraft paper to cushion them for shipping and recommend overnight or priority shipping companies to complete the protective packaging and delivery. For large custom orders (more than three dozen), please call well in advance to discuss your shipment needs and we’ll see how best to accommodate you.

Do you deliver cookies? We’ll be happy to arrange for a local messenger service for delivery at the customer’s expense.


Do you make sugar- and gluten-free cookies? Vegan cookies? Yes, we definitely do – however, if you are extra-sensitive, be aware there’s a good deal of flour in our bakery air and you may need to seek out a strictly gluten-free bakery.

How about nut allergies? While we make a number of delicious nut-free cookies, all our bakery equipment comes into regular contact with peanuts, pecans, walnuts and the like. If you have a particularly high sensitivity to nuts, we recommend you not consume any of our baked goods (sorry!).


Do you divulge client names or share or sell email addresses from the newsletter list? Absolutely not. Your personal information and cookie proclivities are safe with us.

Will my custom cookies appear on your website or other publications? We regularly photograph decorated cookies that we custom-design for clients — some may be displayed on our website or publicity material. If you prefer not to see your custom cookie reproduced on our site or elsewhere, just send us an email at, or call us at 210.832.0886.

Use of site materials: Lily’s cookies owns the copyright for all materials on this website. Use of these materials on any other website or network without Lily’s Cookies’ written permission is strictly prohibited.